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The Funeral Liturgy

The chief emphasis of Christian Burial should be not upon death but on Life Eternal. "We praise and glorify God for the fullness of joy which he gives to all who put their trust in him."

The Dean’s ministry is to lead the bereaved into and through the rites of the Church where the voice of the Gospel can be heard with healing power and clarity. As a people of faith, we know that the pain and loss of death must not be minimized or ignored. Our goal, as a congregation who care is to help you hold your grief and faith in balance. The bereaved need to confront and accept the loss of the deceased as well as be given hope. The Cathedral's congregation promises to do its best to support you in any way needed. In the making of Funeral arrangements, we are reminded as Christians of the simplicity of our Lord's own burial, and that extravagant expenditures at the time of death are not a valid indication of our love and concern for the deceased, but in many cases an unnecessary burden on the bereaved. The Christian's emphasis should be Godward; the lifting of our hearts in prayer, the commending of ourselves and those we love to the care of God, and the conduct of rite and custom in simplicity with dignity. The Dean should be consulted before arrangements are made for the Funeral.

The proper place for the Funeral Service is in the sanctuary. The Office of Burial is an ancient service of the Church, and the same service continues to be used for rich and poor alike. It is an expression of our oneness in Christ and our corporate life, as of those who have already known and shared the eternal life which God has given and will give. In keeping with the thought of the equality of humankind under God, it is an ancient custom of the Church to cover the coffin with a Funeral Pall for the service in the church. In any case the coffin should be closed before the service. Readings and hymns suitable to the Funeral Liturgy should be chosen in consultation with the Dean. They should witness to the Christian belief in Life Everlasting.
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Funeral Liturgy without Communion in PDF (Form II)
The Book of Alternative Services

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Funeral Liturgy with Communion in PDF
The Book of Alternative Services

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Funeral Liturgy in PDF (Form I)
The Book of Alternative Services

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